Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Candy Polar Bears Wreath

Today I am sharing this cute evergreen wreath using a brand new file from KaDoodle Bug Designs, "Christmas Candy Polar Bears. 


15 inch artificial evergreen wreath
Silk poinsettias 1 large, one small
various pinecones and artificial evergreen sprigs
White poster board 12 x 12 inches
white fleece
glitter paper in green, red, dark red and white
White cardstock and scraps in black and gray
Hot glue, glue, foam tape 
Wire (optional)

Using the poinsettias, evergreen sprigs and pinecones, decorate your evergreen wreath by clustering the poinsettias together near the top and slightly to the left. Scatter the other decorations evenly around the wreath. These can be wired in place or secured with hot glue.

Cut the base layer for the three polar bears out of poster board for stability.  Cut the pieces for the polar bear bodies from plain white cardstock, and trace these pieces onto the fleece, then cut the pieces out by hand. The standing bear is 6 inches, the candy bear is 5 3/4 inches and the lollipop bear is 5 inches. Everything else is cut from glitter paper except the inner ears, bottom of the feet,the nose and the  (These are cut from cardstock scraps in black and gray.) Ink the edges of the bears with gray, then brush the bears from the center out to get the fuzzy look. (I use a tooth brush.) Put everything together using lots of glue and foam tape. Space your finished bears evenly around the wreath and secure with hot glue. scatter the extra candy pieces between the bears. You now have a cute Christmas Candy Polar Bears wreath to hang and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! ~ Shirley

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