Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easter Lamb

Today I am sharing an Easter cross that was made with the pattern, "CK Easter Lamb" which can be found here:


13 inch tinsel cross (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
Fleece in white and gray
Glitter cardstock in pink, blue, purple, yellow and green
Cardstock in white and  black
Paper flowers in pink, purple and blue
Ink pads in black and gray
Chalk in white and pink
Fine tip black pen, white gel pen
Glue gun, liquid glue

I sized the sash so it had a 3 inch opening at the top to accommodate the cross, and sized the moon to 6 3/4 inches. The rest of the pieces were sized together so the lamb is 7 1/2 inches tall. After the lamb pieces were cut out, I traced them upside down on the fleece being careful that the fuzzy side of the fleece would face up when I put the lamb together. I cut out the fleece pieces and glued them to their corresponding paper pieces using plenty of liquid glue. When they were dry, I fluffed the pieces with a toothbrush, then inked the edges. I assembled the lamb on the base layer which had been trimmed so it only included the lamb, flowers and grass. When finished, I chalked the eyes and cheeks and put white highlights in the eyes and on the nose. Using the fine tip black pen, I gave her some eyelashes.

While the lamb was drying, I attached the sash to the cross using a glue gun. I traced the moon onto cardboard, cut it out, and glued it to the moon, then glued this reinforced moon behind the cross as shown. 

Using the glue gun, I attached the lamb to the left side of the cross so he is hugging the cross. I added extra paper flowers along the bottom.
Try this fun project! It looks really great in person!

Happy Easter! 

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