Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ice Skating Bears

We are having a marvelous February thaw, but I'm sure Mother Nature has plenty more winter weather in store for us here in the U.P. of Michigan. Today I am sharing an ice skate decoration using files from My Scrap Chick.

For this project I used the "3D Ice Skate" file and " Ice Skating Bears."

Ice Skating Bears3D Ice Skate: click to enlarge

Let's start with the skate.


Sturdy cardstock in white, gray and black
2 feet of ribbon or cord
lace and bead decoration
1 1/2 inch wide eyelet lace
Burlap and lace trim
large eyelets
Glue and tape runner
Paper clips

1. Cut out all your pieces. I know it looks like a lot of pieces, but a great tutorial is included in your download, so follow the tutorial and take your time.

2. I added large eyelets to the lace area, but this is optional. 

3. Follow the tutorial to complete the skate. I use a combination of adhesive runner and glue. (The adhesive holds things together while the glue dries.) I also use paper clips to help hold things together while the glue dries.

4. When the skate is complete, lace up the front with ribbon or cord, then glue the tongue in place. Glue the lace and bead trim to the side.

5. Wrap the eyelet lace around the top of the skate and glue the overlap in the back. Wrap the burlap and lace trim around the top of the skate covering the top of the eyelet lace and glue in the back. 

Now we will work on the flowers and Ice Skating Bears. 


4 flower sprigs - 2 blue/purple and 2 white (I got mine from the Dollar Store.)
Round floral foam (I got mine from the Dollar Store.)
Snowflake stickers - 1/2 inch to 1 inch
 Wire that is sturdy enough to support the snowmen
Cardstock in purple, green and aqua
Patterned cardstock scraps
White glitter cardstock by Recollections
Double stick tape and glue

1. The bears are made from glitter cardstock and are about 3 1/2 inches tall. I duplicated each bear pattern and reversed it horizontally so there would be a bear to use for a back on each one. The hats and scarves are made using patterned cardstock scraps.

2. Put the bear front together then turn it over. Cut a 12 inch piece of wire and attach it to the back using double stick tape. Construct the back image of the bear on top lining up the pieces. Paperclip together while the glue dries. Repeat this for each bear. Make snowflake sprigs by putting two same sized snowflakes back to back sandwiching the wire in between.

3. I bought a round piece of floral foam from the Dollar Store and put it inside the skate wedging it in place with pieces of tagboard. I pulled the flowers apart into separate wire sprigs. These were arranged into the bouquet and the bears and snowflakes were added between the flowers. 

I hope you enjoyed this project tutorial. If you did, I'd love to hear from you. Have a great day! ~ Shirley

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