Sunday, April 29, 2018

Salt & Pepper Shaker Holder

We recently bought a new motor home and have been busy organizing everything. One thing I realized is we were constantly misplacing our salt and pepper shakers in our old motor home. Hopefully I solved this problem by making this salt & pepper shaker holder.

I used Double Test Tube Holder  from My Scrap Chick for the holder, and the raccoon from the A2 card from the  Raccoon Belly Box file for the raccoon.

I measured the circumference of the salt and paper shakers, then sized the holder pieces so the holes in the holder were slightly larger. I cut the holder from orange tagboard to give it strength. I cut an extra piece with the holes, cut an inch off the bottom of the larger section without the holes. I then glued it inside the open area so it lined up with the other holes. This made the holder sturdier.
If you look closely you can see this extra piece inside, behind the ribbon.

The patterned paper used is "Forest Friends" from the Friendly Forest Collection by Doodlebug Design Inc. The raccoon is about 4 inches wide and was made from scraps of cardstock. The final step was tying a piece of matching sheer ribbon around the holder. 

I sure hope this helps us keep track of our salt and pepper shakers! 

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