Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mad Hatter Bunny Hat

One of my favorite files from My Scrap Chick is  the Uncle Sam Hat Box. I love figuring out new ways to use this versatile file. This time I used it to make a Mad Hatter Bunny Box.


Uncle Sam Hat Box
Bunny Top Hat Box (for the ears)
Jam Jar and Candle Gift Wrap (for the bow)
 Pixey Stix Glitter Pack by the Paper Studio
Grey felt from The Summer Sky Set by Cricut
Raspberry Confetti Peel & Stick Foam Sheet by Foamies
Paper Flowers by Jots
Butterfly Paper Accents by K & Company
Blue Diamond Wrap by Floral Garden
Small white silk flower
1/4 inch wide green ribbon

I made the hat following the PDF instructions. See how I put the hat together here:  I cut each of the long strips in half diagonally and alternated gluing them to the top and bottom of each section of the hat starting with the bottom section of a notched section. (See picture below.)

I made 6 inch ears using the Bunny Top Hat Box file. The larger piece was cut from grey Cricut felt and the inner ear was cut from the raspberry confetti foam.  I cut one inch off the bottom then glued the ears to the front of the hat. I cut a 1 inch by 9 inch strip of the blue dot cardstock and wrapped it around the base of the hat gluing it together in the front. I then made a 4 inch bow from the blue dotted cardstock and the bow from Jam Jar and Candle Gift Wrap, and wrapped the center with the blue Diamond Wrap. The finished bow was attached in front of the ears with foam tape and a little white silk flower was attached below the bow.

I made a bow from the ribbon and added the bow and a blue flower to the back with foam tape. A butterfly accent was added to the top of the inner box.

The inner box lifts out. This will make a cute Easter basket for one of my granddaughters.

I love how this little Mad Hatter Bunny Box turned out! What can you make with the Uncle Sam Hat Box?

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  1. I just love your Mad Hatter Bunny! Those big ears and the diamond studded bow are perfect. :)

    1. Thanks Valerie! I just love this hat file! It’s so much fun thinking up new ways to use it.